Totalindo Commenced the Nagrak Rental Flats Project Tower 1-5 & Penggilingan Rental Flats

Totalindo Commenced the Nagrak Rental Flats Project Tower 1-5 & Penggilingan Rental Flats

Jakarta, May 21st, 2017 – PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk, commenced the Nagrak Rental Flats project Tower 1-5 in North Jakarta, as well as Penggilingan Rental Flats in East Jakarta. The company won the projects in the first semester of the year. Based on the letter of award No: 588/-1.796.32 May9th, 2017 and No : 587/-1.796.32 May 9th, 2017, Totalindo has been officially appointed by the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta as the contractor of the two projects worth IDR 377,785,670,900 and IDR 383,838,281,200. At this time, the company is establishing the work team, mobilizing heavy equipment and conducting field work. The two projects consist of 10 Towersand 2,295 units:1,275 units for Nagrak 1-5 project and 1,020 units for Penggilingan project ( It is recorded that more than 60 contractors, both state-owned and privately owned, participated in the auction of the projects. Totalinda was the only privately-owned construction company to win the offer. Each year, the need for shelter, especially of the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta Flats, is estimated to be more than 28,000 units (source: In 2017, the Provincial Government is planning to build 14,322 unit of Rental Flats (source: IRAI). Therefore, with full commitment, Totalindo is also actively participating in succeeding the Government program, especially in providing Flats for the lower middle class. In accordance with the commitment, The President Director of PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk, Donald Sihombing stated that winning the tender of the Provincial Government of DKI Jakarta project proves our commitment focusing on Governmental projects, as well as supporting the Government’s a million houses program. Completing large-scale projects such as the Flats Construction Project in a year is nothing simple. Skillful work team and the completeness of equipment, both heavy and light, become vital. “This proves that Totalindo has the capability to compete with other large construction companies”, said Donald Sihombing.

Winning those two projects, up to now, Totalindo has succeeded on signing contract for4 new projects worth over IDR 1.5 trillion. Thus, the company has achieved over 50% of the previously planned new contract target of the year, worth IDR 3 trillion.

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