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Totalindo Commenced the Nagrak Rental Flats Project Tower 1-5 & Penggilingan Rental Flats

October 19th, 2017|1,216 Comments

Jakarta, May 21st, 2017 - PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk, commenced the Nagrak Rental Flats project Tower 1-5 in North Jakarta, as well as Penggilingan Rental Flats in East Jakarta. The company won the projects [...]

TOTALINDO signed a new contract worth IDR 440 billion.

October 18th, 2017|2,216 Comments

Jakarta, July 31st, 2017 - PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk (TOTALINDO) took on a project from Agung Sedayu Group worth IDR 440 billion at the end of July 2017. The project is an upper middle [...]

TOTALINDO listed IPO in Indonesia Stock Exchange

October 18th, 2017|1,055 Comments

Jakarta, June 16th, 2017, PT Totalindo Eka Persada Tbk has listed its shares at Indonesia Stock Exchange (IDX) trading under the ticker symbol "TOPS". The number of new shares issued to the public through Initial [...]